PayPlaza is a leading global payment software company managed and driven by professionals each having over 20 years experience in the financial and payment industry. Since 2010 PayPlaza has developed a revolutionary payment platform encompassing unique solutions for Point-of-Sale card acceptance. From 2012 PayPlaza Solutions have been rolled out across Europe offering powerful advantages for our partners and clients.

The PayPlaza platform is PCI level 1 certified and includes full encryption technology matching the highest possible international security regulations.

PayPlaza’s is based in Amsterdam with additional offices located in Eindhoven and Madrid.

In 2016 PayPlaza expects a volume of + 300 million transactions with yearly 2 digit growth. PayPlaza and her partners are currently active in 17 European countries with further expansion planned in US and Asian markets in 2016.

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ICT-oplossingen voor elke branche

Onze datacenter-faciliteiten bieden alle functionaliteiten voor professionele hosting, data-opslag, veiligheid en natuurlijk werken in de cloud. Dit doen wij voor vele branches. Enkele voorbeelden:


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